Daniel Vedamuthu

I am an Instructor of Art + Design at Rochester Community and Technical College in Rochester, Minnesota. I primarily teach graphic design, typography, and logo & identity development. I have expertise in graphic and interaction design, instructional design, curriculum development, and learning management systems.

Graphic & Interaction Design

My primary area of focus as a graphic designer is logo design and identity development. My research and study of graphic design theory covers the study of type, page layout & grids, and methodologies of maintaining inspiration and the creative problem solving process.

Catalyst & Related Work

My larger body of artistic work manifests itself as collisions of typography, grids, and iconography relating to location, travel, and journeys. The most recent culmination of this work was created during my most recent sabbatical and exhibited in the form of a show known as Catalyst.

Contact & About

I’d be happy to hear from you. I can be reached through a varieties of platforms and social media.

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